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We live in the fascinating age of exponential technologies. Different fields are converging at a rapid pace and value is created at their intersections. As the focus of innovation transcends areas it becomes increasingly abstract, upping the game for all in the accelerated disruption race. The Appetite for Disruption videos by the Disruption Disciples Zurich Chapter provide innovation essentials to successfully compete for the future. Appetite For Disruption is a strictly non-commercial, independent, educational initiative.


Whatever your business, the opportunities and challenges have grown exponentially. Innovation is always key though. All you will ever need to know about it and then some is here on Appetite For Disruption!

- Donovan Leitch, actor, musician, impresario, blockchain enthusiast


"The Disruption saga of the decade! Guenther and his team will take you on a journey to the edge of innovation. And past it. Don’t miss it - the little hand says it’s time to rock n roll."

- Mattias Hjelmstedt, serial entrepreneur, investor, CEO Utopia Music


The quintessentials of success in the challenging yet strikingly similar worlds of innovation and rock music have never been presented better. Rock this!

- Billy Morrison, rock guitarist, fine art painter & entrepreneur

Season 01

the disruption dance


In the “Crucial Concepts” Chapters we share the essentials of innovation, disruption and uptake. We look at how to select
investments and how to best present and build ventures. Everything is amplified and accelerated in today’s globalized arena of hypercompetition yet the fundamentals still apply. Get them down pat and then get in the ring.


The “Disruption Disciples’ Critical Conversations” videos document our thought exchanges with fascinating people who share their experience, insight and stories.
Movers and shakers, troublemakers and silo breakers. Renegades, rebels and rock stars. Inventors and investors, philosophers and professors, artists and entrepreneurs.

The Journey

  1. chapter 01

    the dynamics of innovation & disruption

    In this chapter we look at the difference between invention, innovation and diffusion as well as the concept of creative destruction according to Schumpeter. We then dive into Utterback’s “dynamics of innovation” and explore the typical sequence of product and process innovation as well as the crucially important effect of the “dominant design” on the structure and success factors of any given industry.

  2. conversation with Elmar Mock

    Inside the innovation factory

    Elmar Mock is the co-inventor of the Swatch-watch, the father of more than 170 patent families, the founder of Swiss solutions powerhouse Creaholic which proves that there’s an undercurrent of beautiful craziness and exceptional innovativeness running through the alps and he recently became the co-author of the amazing book “The Innovation Factory”.

  3. chapter 02

    Uptake Revisited - Evolution vs Disruption

    Having established that the dominant design in a product class is the one that competitors and innovators must adherer to if they hope to command significant market following we in this chapter look at the unfolding dynamic from the perspective of diffusion or adoption of innovation according to Rogers.

  4. conversation with Jon Schaffer

    From a garage to an arena

    Creating a band, building its catalogue, brand and audience all the way from a garage to an arena is very much like bringing a technology or any kind of innovation to market. Let’s hear from somebody who has been through exactly this – Jon Schaffer.

  5. Chapter 03

    Technology Bridge - Evaluating and Investing in Innovation

    In this chapter we put what we’ve learned in previous chapters into action for successful innovation and investment.

  6. Conversation with Chris von Rohr

    Fearless Fire

    To achieve the extraordinary you first and foremost need conviction. Then, after initial success, the ability to adapt and transform. Chris tells us how conviction and a fearless fire were paramount to turn Krokus from a dream into reality.

  7. Conversation with Anders Indset

    Outthink the Revolution

    In previous chapters we’ve discussed that success, innovation, acceleration and disruption require conviction and the ability to take tough decisions.

    But what makes for a great leader and innovator today? More importantly, for tomorrow? What are the questions he or she must ask? And what are the important problems they must solve?

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